Should wine be savored or guzzled? For true pleasure, mindset matters

Let’s hope that your wine never tastes like cocktail sauce, that zippy red stuff that comes with shrimp appetizers and raw oysters on the half shell. But let’s also use those two words — cocktail and sauce — individually and completely unrelated to the zippy red sauce, to get to the bottom of when and how… Read more

SEXUAL HEALTH: Yes, cancer patients can be happy in the bedroom

When Liz came to the sexology clinic to see me, she had been off sex for three years following a breast cancer diagnosis. ‘I feel hollow and lonely. I am frustrated. My husband isn’t interested in me. Maybe I should just have died of this cancer,’ she lamented. Liz was 45 years old. She had been… Read more

Scott Disick, Sofia Richie Kiss On A Romantic Gondola Ride

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie take their steamy romance in Venice. Over the weekend, Disick and Richie were spotted at LAX airport holding hands as they board their flight out of Los Angeles. Later that day, Richie took to Instagram and announced that they are in Milan for Adidas’s INIKI event. The “Keeping Up With the… Read more


Try These Cocktails Made By Our SAVEUR Blog Awards Finalists

Arsenic Lace’s Natalie Jacob and Apartment Bartender’s Elliott Clark shake up their best tequila drinks for a friendly competition Natalie Jacob of Arsenic Lace and Elliott Clark of Apartment Bartender pose with their drinks at the opening night cocktail competition of the 2017 SAVEUR Blog Awards. Matt Taylor-Gross If you followed our 2017 SAVEUR Blog Awards… Read more


‘Fifty Shades’ James Still Profits From Fan Fiction

If a Pulitzer for Fan Fiction Turned Best-Selling Literature exists, Fifty Shades author E.L. James should absolutely receive it. The romance writer announced Tuesday that her fifth book, Darker: Fifty Shades Darker as Told by Christian, will hit stores on November 28. The release is a retelling of the second book in her Fifty Shades trilogy… Read more

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Chicago Fall Cocktail

Chicago Fall Cocktail Matt Taylor-Gross This refreshing fall quaff was created by 2017 SAVEUR Blog Awards winner Elliott Clark of Apartment Bartender, who was inspired by the city of Chicago, where he grew up. Clark says, “I moved from Chicago to Phoenix when I was a boy. If you’ve ever been to Phoenix you know the… Read more

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4 perfect picnic spots in the Sierra foothills, from Sonora to Yosemite

There’s something irresistible about autumn picnics. Summer’s heat has waned and the crisp air makes us long for al fresco feasts — perhaps with a Thermos of something warm and hearty to accompany those sandwiches, cider and sides. The foothills of California’s Gold Country are dotted with beautiful picnic spots. Here are just a few of… Read more

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Why Do Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Hold Hands In Public?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been spotted holding hands in public ever since reports swirled that they are dating. But according to the Daily Mail, this public display of affection between the couple is very different from how Prince William and Kate Middleton were when they were still boyfriend and girlfriend and even after they… Read more

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The Decline in Dating Among the iGeneration

Those born between 1995 and 2012 — otherwise known as the iGeneration in some circles — are changing the rules. They grew up with smartphones and tablets — and as a result, they’re spending less time socializing face-to-face compared to any previous generation. The number of teenagers, in fact, who physically spend time with their friends… Read more

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7 Ways Wrong Sex Can Cloud Your Judgement

1. “It lies to you that you are in love” Many think that the relationship they are in is love. But in essence, it is just a bond of sex buddies using each other. Remove the sex and the two have nothing. 2. “It can keep you from leaving a prison” Some are in pathetic relationships;… Read more

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