Enjoy The Total Solar Eclipse With 6 Mouthwatering Cocktails, Treats

Whether you’re planning to watch alone or host a viewing party, the once-in-a-moon Total Solar Eclipse is fast approaching on Monday, August 21. To get ready, here are some original recipes courtesy of Blue Moon in partnership with influential recipe developer Lauren Magenta, Herradura, Tanqueray No. TEN, Tequila Don Julio and Johnnie Walker. The Color-Changing Midnight-Moon… Read more

10 cavas that deliver more than their prices ask

I get the sense that most people like cava, the sparkling wine from Spain, because it is accessible, fun, easy to drink and affordable. There are other reasons to like it, but as far as I am concerned, those are enough. Cava is made in the traditional method of Champagne, via secondary fermentation in the bottle… Read more

Women Who Watch Porn Could Put Sex Life At Risk

Pornography can be a healthy and fun addition to your sex life, but new research suggests it could cause some female viewers to be less satisfied with their real-life partners due to unrealistic expectations. Women porn watchers may become frustrated with their own sex life when their partners fail to give them as many orgasms, last… Read more

The Growing Problem Of Child Sex Dolls And Robots

Sex robots appear to be the next big thing for the adult entertainment industry. Unroboticized sex dolls are not new – but combined with state-of-the-art fabrication techniques, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and programming applications, such dolls may soon reach new levels of sophistication. As sex dolls become increasingly realistic – and their roboticization looms on the horizon… Read more

A Fifth of American Women Use Apps to Learn about Sex

A global survey of app users revealed that there is more to mobile technology software than dating and sexting. Period-tracking app Clue teamed up with Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute to poll more than 140,000 of their app users, 96 percent of whom identified as women, were all 18 years of age or older, and lived across… Read more

Internet has put a spotlight on sex addiction

SEATTLE — Each week in his Bellevue counseling office, Bill Lennon sees 13 groups of eight men, all seeking help for compulsive sexual behavior. Such behavior can range from obsessively viewing pornography to answering Craigslist ads for minors selling themselves at cheap motels. He said that none of the men are there voluntarily. Instead, they got… Read more

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